Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Universal Studios Florida Springfield Simpsons & Potter Progress Update 7/31/13

Lard Lad has arrived...without his doughnut

Scenic view!

The Seven Duff Topiaries with Duff Brewery Employee in the back

Disney World Magic Kingdom Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster Construction Update & More 7/30/13

Once completed, this will be a pretty spectacular view

Lots of work left to do on the structure

Stroller parking for Mermaid behind the structure

Very detailed, its going to be pretty for sure

Monday, July 29, 2013

Universal Studios Florida Springfield Simspons Construction Update 7/29/13

Only sign of anything new are the tentacles for the spinner ride....

Chief Wiggum's Police Car has been repositioned

They also repositioned tables out in front of Fast Foot Blvd.

Definitely better than a few days ago

Street lights really add to the overall feel of the area.

Still work to do to finish up Duff Gardens

Kang & Kodos testing with a wood "dummy", presumably to make sure no one can smash their arms against the tentacles.

Looks great, will look so much better come Summer 2014!

Wood "Dummy"

The tentacles look like they will light up

Busch Gardens Tampa, Falcon's Fury Construction Update 7/28/13

Falcon's Fury slowly rising in Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Madagascar Live! Operation : Vacation 7/28/13

Madagascar Live! Operation : Vacation is a 20 minute song & dance show

It features most of the popular characters from the movie....

A band plays live music on stage as the characters dance around...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Universal Studios Florida Springfield Simspons Construction Update 7/25/13

Jebidiah Springfield Statue is now in place

Work continues on Duff Gardens

Jebidiah peeks out over the wall

New signage for Kang & Kodos

Front facing Kwik E Mart

Chief Wiggum's police car has made it to Springfield

They just recently pulled the construction walls out making it much more cramped

Horns on Bumblee Man's Taco Truck

These seem really cramped...I hope they get spread out more later

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Character Warehouse at Orlando Premium Outlet 7/20/13 Photo Report

Disney's Character Warehouse is located at the Orlando Premium Outlets
Women's handbags, flip flops, accessories
Oz Merchandise
Eye Mazing Mike Monsters T-Shirt, now $6.99
Some of the beautiful Castle Merchandise
Men's Apparel
Some of the higher end merch behind the counter
Iron Man masks, Lotso pillow pets and more