Monday, July 1, 2013

A Look at Disney's Character Warehouse at Premium Outlet from 6/25/13

Vinylmation at the outlet. They have a good selection of 5/$10 usually as well as $17-20 9" Vinyls

Vinylmation selection.
Walt Disney Railroad Glass Original $17.95, Outlet price $6.99

Walt Disney World Retro Trucker hat $6.99 from $19.99

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom T-Shirt, $12.99 from $24.95

This Sorcerers T-Shirt was $14.99 from $24.95

From an earlier Limited Time Magic Flop, these are now $6.99 at the outlet.

Flower & Garden 2013 Merchandise has hit the outlets

2013 Flower & Garden T-Shirt

Tinker Bell Flower & Garden Brick

Women's Flower & Garden T-Shirt

Oz Vinylmation on clearance for $3.99 from $24.99

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