Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hollywood Studios Photo Report 7/21/13 Monsters University Homecoming

Monsters University Homecoming seems to be pretty popular....

DJ Elliot gets the crowd dancing

Scare Supply comes on after DJ Elliot, rocking out like usual

Have seen these guys perform as Mulch, Sweat & Shears many times...

A small bar is set up off toward American Idol area

Merchandise cart is set-up near the back left of the stage area

Free games are set-up for the kids to play

Mike & Sulley show up at different times thru-out the night

They close out the night singing the alma matter song

Fastpass + for Idol, not needed

Idol Fastpass+ Distribution

We checked out the 10 minute Lone Ranger preview

It's 5 minutes of the actual movie, as well as 5 minutes of the making of


Inside the theater

Without any entertainment or Osborne Lights, not much to do back here.

Speaking of Osborne lights, there is already advertising up for it

65 minutes wait at 8:45 PM

Full queue for Toy Story meet & greet at 8:45 PM

Lone Ranger advertising

Planes ad

That's it for now....

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