Thursday, July 25, 2013

Universal Studios Florida Springfield Simspons Construction Update 7/25/13

Jebidiah Springfield Statue is now in place

Work continues on Duff Gardens

Jebidiah peeks out over the wall

New signage for Kang & Kodos

Front facing Kwik E Mart

Chief Wiggum's police car has made it to Springfield

They just recently pulled the construction walls out making it much more cramped

Horns on Bumblee Man's Taco Truck

These seem really cramped...I hope they get spread out more later

Wait Time sign is under the Twirl part of the sign. The restrictions sign was under that already...getting close.

Tables were full like this nearly all day

Duff Pool Table light now lights up

TV's inside Krusty Burger

Work continues on Potter Expansion

Very busy summer day

75 Minutes at 5PM

45 Minutes at 5:45 PM

And 100 Minutes at 6PM...till next time!

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