Monday, July 29, 2013

Universal Studios Florida Springfield Simspons Construction Update 7/29/13

Only sign of anything new are the tentacles for the spinner ride....

Chief Wiggum's Police Car has been repositioned

They also repositioned tables out in front of Fast Foot Blvd.

Definitely better than a few days ago

Street lights really add to the overall feel of the area.

Still work to do to finish up Duff Gardens

Kang & Kodos testing with a wood "dummy", presumably to make sure no one can smash their arms against the tentacles.

Looks great, will look so much better come Summer 2014!

Wood "Dummy"

The tentacles look like they will light up

The waterfront is going to be spectacular.

Seating all along the waterfront


You can catch a glimpse of the Police Car

Work continues...everywhere

Looks like a real brewery

Awaits Lard Lad 

A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man - Jebediah Springfield

That bar stool on the right...ya that looks comfy

We finally caught Krusty outside...the Team Member said they are usually out until 5PM

Sideshow Bob, always looking for Bart

Cafe LaBamba has been open lately

Potter expansion coming along

Hogwarts Train Station behind Disaster

60 Minutes & it was a full queue...

Parade was starting just as a storm was starting to roll in...time to head out....until next time!

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