Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Universal Studios Florida Springfield Simpsons & Potter Progress Update 7/31/13

Lard Lad has arrived...without his doughnut

Scenic view!

The Seven Duff Topiaries with Duff Brewery Employee in the back

I spy a keg of Duff!

Duff Beer for me...Duff Beer for you!

Lard Lad from behind

The Plaque has been put up

More new Duff signage

The waterfront sure is colorful

Umbrellas have been added to the sit down tables

Eye-level view

Getting ready to sell some taco's & doughnuts

Getting closer...the tarps & dummy's have been removed

I kinda want one of those big Duff's!

Work continues at Potter expansion

45 minutes at 6PM

I love the lagoon, but those big screens are kinda ugly....until next time

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