Friday, August 2, 2013

Springfield comes to life at Universal Stuidos Florida Opens 8/2/13

Chief Wiggum doesn't always eat donuts, but when he does he prefers Lard Lad brand donuts....
Oh Yeah!

Good thing Lard Lad is nearby...he's going to be here for awhile

Duff, Duff Lite or Duff Dry?

Lots of Duff merchandise to choo-choo-choose from

The gift shop is themed to the brewery.


Probably sell alot of these, just not for awhile since its 90degrees out

Drink Duff at Moe's....hmmm

Duff Quality Control

These are pretty made to look like an aluminum can

Duff iPhone 4 case...hmmm

Milhouse looks lonely

New targets have been put up. Haha!

Curious as to what you hit the targets with

Topiary close up

Duff Gardens beverage menu

& the food menu

Proudly serving Duff...since 2013

Squishee , America's Favorite Icy Goo

Ample seating

TV's are showing Simpsons clips

Rusty gold

Water was on for a few minutes only

Jebidiah Springfield

It's all about the details

Lard Lad donut

& more

Back to the Future car next to Taco Truck

Empty Springfield

Taco Truck Menu

Love the "hood ornament"

Pimped out

Lard Lad menu

7 Duffs (well 3 of them)


  1. Thanks for the update! The area looks great.

    1. Thank you for taking a look. I am always glad to share!