Friday, September 27, 2013

Epcot 2013 Food & Wine Festival Opening Day Pictures of all booths, menus, and merchandise

Epcot's 2013 Food & Wine Festival started September 27

The Ocean Spray Cranberry bog is a very popular place to check out

Scotland booth

Scotland menu

Hawaii booth

Hawaii menu

Desserts & Champagne booth

Desserts & Champagne menu
Greece booth

Greece menu

Canada booth

Canada menu

Ireland booth

Ireland menu

France booth

France menu

New Zealand booth

New Zealand menu

Morocco booth

Morocco menu

Japan booth

Japan menu

Florida Local booth

Florida Local menu

Hops & Barley market

Hops & Barley Market menu

Italy booth

Italy menu

Poland booth

Poland menu

Busy Germany booth

Germany menu

Cheese booth

Cheese menu

Brewers Collection

Brewers Collection menu

Africa booth

Africa menu

South Korea booth

South Korea menu

China booth

China menu

Singapore booth

Singapore menu

Mexico booth

Mexico menu

Belgium booth
Belgium menu
Australia booth

Australia menu

Argentina booth

Argentina menu

Brazil booth

Brazil menu

Terra booth

Terra menu

Craft Beers booth

Craft Beers menu

Chef Duffy Bear

2013 Food & Wine merchandise

Food & Wine cookbook....until next time!

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