Saturday, September 21, 2013

Universal Studios Florida Halloween Horror Nights 23 Opening Night Photo Report (9/20/13)

It's that time of year again...Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

The Walking Dead from AMC is the main theme from this year...and Universal has 100s of walkers

This is the outside of Urban Legends: La Llorona

Very well themed for one of the "tent" houses. We may have walked thru during a cast change, but no real scares here.

Afterlife : Death's Vengeance is this years 3D house. Overall a decent experience, a few scares and 3D worked well.

Near the Animal Actors area, Camp is setup, and there are walkers all around.

From time to time, some of the walkers have a little feast on this.

The Barn is setup nearest Mel's and there are lots of walkers here as well.

Down the way, they have these walkers that appear to be impaled.

Over near the mummy, they have a large tank setup and lots of bodies

AMC The Walking Dead really have taken over

Selling Blood Bag shots again

Early on, Havoc, nearest Beetlejuice area, only 5 minute wait

The Rocky Horror Tribute is in Graveyard Revue, and it's entertaining. Some people area really into it, as expected.

They have a few cars with bodies inside around the park

School Bus near Disaster
Bill & Ted's. If this sign offends you, you probably should see the show. No photo/video allowed during the show.

I was surprised by the sheer amount of walkers. They really were all over the scare zones.

Mel's DIE IN

Unfortunately as someone who is not into The Walking Dead, many of the references were lost on me.

Although I heard many obvious fans geeking out seeing references that they clearly knew.

This was one of the better zones, where a zombie would grab a victim and bring them up on the tank.

Sorry to see no lagoon shows this year. They were pretty good last year.
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For in depth reviews of the houses:

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