Saturday, September 14, 2013

Unleash the Villains Limited Time Magic At Disney's Hollywood Studios 9/13/13

As part of Limited Time Magic, this Friday the 13th, Hades & Megara hosted Unleash The Villains at Hollywood Studios

DJ Ignite & Hades

Besides a great fireworks show, and the stage entertainment, there was meet & greets with rare characters like Oogie Boogie.

We arrived around 5PM, and had no trouble parking or getting in.

Here's the stage with just under 3 hours to go.

Some more detail of the stage...

This was the crowd at about 6:15 PM

DJ Ignite took the stage at 7PM

AT 8:13 Hades & Megara came out to introduce the 13 villains that were taking part in the festivities

Some rare characters like Shan Yu, Bowler Hat Guy, and even Frollo

Rarest character out was Oogie Boogie

7 of the villains were roamers, that went thru the dance party crowd, while Meg & Hades were only on the stage.

Hades & Meg came out every 30 minutes or so.

Brimstone alternated with DJ Ignite all night on stage.

They were fantastic & one of the things that went right with the whole night.

We met Megara last month, and she is perfect as Meg.

Hades was funny,  entertaining  & another thing "right" with this Limited Time Magic.

The little skits were entertaining

The meet & greets were set up near Indiana Jones area, but the line circled Echo Lake
Definitely a party like atmosphere around the dance party

The meet & greets were what was wrong. Guests waiting 3-5 hours, not even knowing who they would meet.
Jafar was one of the meet & greet villains
As was the Evil Queen
Shan Yu was another one of the rare characters for meet & greets.

I have found a few other good 1st hand reports on Unleash The Villains here:

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