Sunday, October 13, 2013

Epcot Food & Wine Photo Update 10/11/13 (Chase Lounge above American Adventure)

Friday nights during Food & Wine are extremely busy

We decided to check out the Chase Lounge above American Adventure.

The view from the Chase lounge is pretty great.

From the main lounge area, you can spot Spaceship Earth out any window.

Hidden Mickey

They have these phone charger stations setup. (Note: No iPhone 5 plug)

They have Disney board games in here, and numerous tables and chairs.

View from other side of the room.

You can take the stairs or the elevator.

Spaceship Earth was a 10 minute wait at around 6PM

Chef Statue on top of Spaceship Earth

Morocco restaurant progress

We caught the 8PM Edwin McCain Eat to the Beat show.

Time to head out....

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