Monday, October 14, 2013

Limited Time Magic : Tour Cinderella Castle Suite & Be Our Guest with an Imagineer 10/14/13

This week's Limited Time Magic was truly limited.
25 randomly chosen guests were chosen by the Disney Parks Blog team to go each day this week on a tour of the Magic Kingdom castles.

We were led thru this door up to the concierge desk for the Cinderella Suite.

The concierge told a few stories about running to Wal-Mart for late night pizzas & having to escort guests thru the park for late night pictures.

The group of 25, which was really 15 due to no-shows, was split into two. Some started in the suite, the others at Be Our Guest.

Elevator doors reflect this artwork

Thousands of tiles make up this mosaic floor in the hall just outside the elevators

This beautiful wallpaper has a story, which some refer to as "magical". When the designer was told that this wallpaper was not available she started looking for a different wallpaper for this room. When she finally chose a new wallpaper she found that someone had papered the walls in this beautiful paper. No one knows who did this or how....magic I guess.

Secret door that leads into the Suite

This room sleeps 4

The details in this Suite are so amazing, it's hard to believe it only took six months to complete

Sconces on each side of the fireplace

The Imagineer told us that she picked up these "slipper" chairs at an antique store. They are called slipper chairs because people would sit on these to put on their slippers.

Ceiling tiles

When the fireplace is turned on you see little fireworks

This room has a pullout couch. Cinderella wanted her suite to sleep six.

These stained glass windows tell the Cinderella story, from her family cottage, to  invitation to the ball, to clock striking midnight.

Continuing with the glass slipper, Gus & Jaq saving her from her locked room, and eventually her own Castle where she lived happily ever after.

Hidden closets and cabinets reveal some amenities
A real bell pull which is not an actual working bell pull. Can you imagine what fun kids would have if this worked?

This room has a lot of beautiful, elegant, richness to it without being stuffy.

My favorite room in this suite. Turn the lights off and the ceiling sparkles with stars.

Here are the stars. This picture does not do it justice tho, it was so beautiful and I bet romantic too.

The bowl sinks reflect the bowls used in that era (no indoor plumbing back then)


The Royal Throne

After the suite, we went to the Beast's Castle, the Be Our Guest restaurant.

We toured the restaurant and all the rooms, where we were told about the details.

As a treat, we were served the "grey stuff"... thanks to Disney Parks for hosting this Limited Time Magic event!
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  1. Nice report. I've always wanted to visit the Castle suite, but sadly have had no luck with the few events that grant a tour. Will have to settle for pictures for now.