Friday, November 22, 2013

2013 IAAPA Show Recap (Goliath, Scare Factory, GCI, Sally, Zamperla, etc...)

 The 2013 IAAPA show was recently held in Orlando. One of the highlights was the unveiling of Six Flags Great America's new coaster train from Rocky Mountain Coasters , Goliath!
This large ropes course was setup in the convention center for guests to try.

Overview of the trade show floor.

Dark Ride maker, Sally had an extremely impressive display to show attendees.

Daniels Wood Land makes whimsical elaborate tree houses. They won the award for best large booth exhibit.
Love the toilet seats that players sit on in this Stinky Feet shooting game.

Great Coasters International has some great models on display.

 This animated pumpkin and Santa Claus talked. Yes, they were creepy.
This Scare Factory booth with zombies, monsters, and more was very popular. These are all animated and jump out at you, shaking and moving.

The german shepard in action.

Definitely interesting to see what these things costs the parks to put them in.

The skeleton pallbearers with the coffin will run nearly $3,500.00
The large pumpkin king was nearly $9k. Six Flags Great America has had one of these for quite a few years now.

This smoke breathing dragon was definitely impressive.

This model of something called No Boundaries by Prime Interactives.

Zamperla had this set up in their booth!

Zamperla also had this great model of the Thunderbolt coaster being built at Coney Island.

Not sure what this enormous thing is selling. Sex or Ice Cream. Or both.

This Barrel of Monkeys by Raw Thrills was fun. I can see this becoming an arcade hit!

Also by Raw Thrills is the Big Buck HD featuring the Duck Dynasty characters.
 Mr. Pickle with mustache & Bacon plush...coming soon to your local theme park.
There's lots of hands on opportunities to be had at IAAPA.

The Simpsons Soccer arcade game.

Whack a Villain! You get to smash Batman villains in this one.

No...this is not any Disney Cars It may or may not look like a Cars character, but it's most definitely not.

Also from the same company as the "Not" Cars, this is definitely Brer Fox. It may or may not look like him, but its not!
Plants vs. Zombies The Last Stand had this great character roaming around.

Roll Out!

Transformers Human Alliance arcade game on display.

Noble Romans Pizza was extremely popular. They were giving out pizza to people and the line was long all day.

More shots of the Six Flags Great America Goliath train.

Rear of the Goliath train from Great America.

The inside of the Goliath train car from Great America.

This company is offering a wrestling ring for little ones.

This was an interesting kids play area. It was all white and lit up.

It was all bubble wrapped. This was a very interesting concept that seemed to be very popular.

The International Mascot Corporation had high quality mascot suits for sale. This big bear was nearly $4k.

I leave you with Garfield wheeling Odie around, for some reason.

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