Thursday, November 14, 2013

Downtown Disney Springs Construction Update 11/14/13 (New Bypass Bridge, Concept Art, Parking Garage)

The new Pleasure Island bypass bridge recently opened and gives you some new waterfront views.

Adorning the construction walls is concept art for Disney Springs.

 I honestly haven't paid enough attention to notice if all these concepts have been made public before.

 I know for sure I have seen this one before with the covering.

The new bypass walkway is actually pretty nice.

It's very wide, and not as steep up & down as the walkway thru the old Pleasure Island is.

Most people don't realize it is here yet.

You can see the old BET Soundstage Club sign from the walkway.

The former Wetzels Pretzels & Haagen Dazs has been gutted for the new Starbucks, opening Spring 2014.

The first signs of the new parking garage have been put up.

Construction walls are up all around Planet Hollywood's waterfront.

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