Saturday, December 7, 2013

Macy's Parade at Universal Studios Florida 2013 Debut (12/7/13)

Macy's Parade is the Holiday highlight at Universal Studios Florida.

They have many iconic balloons from the parade on display thru-out the park. Here's Shrek!

The Curious George balloon is near Twister.

This balloon features a turkey and some Macy's icons.

Cat in the Hat is on display near The Mummy.

The large Scooby-Doo balloon is near Beetlejuice theater.

Grove is near the Transformers.

The parade starts at 5PM daily and ends with Santa lighting the Christmas tree. Around 3:30 PM, characters from the parade fill the street, prior to the start of the parade for rare photo opportunities.

The City of Orlando Police officers lead the parade with their loud sirens.

This Santa balloon kicks is the official kick-off for the parade.

Large Polar Bear balloon.

Betty Boop in a taxi.

These guys are interesting. This is a long parade. From beginning to end, its about 23 minutes.

The Minions in their holiday hats.

New for 2013 is this Happy the Hippo balloon.

Happy's handlers have pink jump suits.
Lots of different vehicles are part of this parade.

Here's Woody Woodpecker, Curious George and Winifred Woodpecker.

The Toy Soldier balloon is very large.

Mother Goose

A baker and a walk-around cookie.

Large balloon football.

The Simpsons are in the parade.

The iconic Red Elf.

Snow Queen

Tap dancing Snowmen

Candy Cane balloon.

Santa on his sleigh.

Santa Claus....I know him.

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