Monday, January 13, 2014

Disney's Health & Fitness Expo Marathon Weekend Run Disney January 8 - 12, 2014

Run Disney held the Health & Fitness Expo during Marathon Weekend 2014.

Overview of the Expo floor.

Overhead shot of the New Balance booth, with the popular Disney inspired running shoes.

Speakers were on hand to give advise for the marathon.

It wouldn't be a Disney even without merchandise.....

The Dopey Challenge Tee Shirt was very popular. Seen it all around the resort this weekend.

Here's a 2014 Half Marathon pin featuring Donald Duck.

2014 Dopey Challenge Pin

Donald Duck 1/2 Marathon Run Tee.
My Mom ran the Walt Disney World Marathon Tee.....

More 2014 WDW Marathon shirts.

2014 Goofy Challenge Tee.

Inaugural 10K Minnie Tee Shirt.

2014 Marathon Blind Box Vinylmation

2014 Four Parks, Four Days Weekend Tee.

Training for the 2015 Marathon Tee.

The very popular Run Disney tutu.

The expo had places where you could get your medals framed into nice displays.
Here's the very popular Goofy New Balance running shoes.

Sorcerer Mickey New Balance running shoe.

Minnie Mouse New Balance running shoe.

Cinderella running shoe from New Balance.

Wasn't interested in purchasing, since it seems like you needed to invest lots of time to wait in line from real early.

New Balance booth display at the Run Disney Expo.

That's all from the expo!


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