Sunday, January 19, 2014

Islands of Adventure Photo Report 1/19/14 (Starbucks, Zonkos, Ripsaw Falls Refurb)

The refurb walls came down to reveal a beautiful exterior to a new Starbucks at Islands of Adventure.

This sign is visible to guests walking in the Port of Entry.

A look at Starbucks from the side nearest the Hulk coaster.

Didn't have lots of time to walk around Islands. Universal Studios closed at 6PM for a private party, and Islands was only open until 8PM.

Terrible picture, but walls are up completely around Ripsaw Falls.

Hogwarts Castle looking good as always.

With the rumored close of Zonkos, I decided to stop in and take some pictures.

For those that have not been inside Zonkos, it has very interesting items for sale.

However, the space, like most in WWoHP is extremely tight.

Most of the merchandise in there is specialty merchandise.

Until next time...hopefully we are able to get more time in Islands of Adventure.

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