Sunday, February 2, 2014

Diagon Alley Construction Update from Super Bowl Sunday at Universal Studios Florida (2/2/14)

Diagon Alley facades as of 2/2/14

Peeking thru Diagon Alley from across the lagoon.

Leicester Square Station signage that appeared this week.

Another peek from across the lagoon thru the wall into Diagon Alley.

Earlier this week, the Kings Cross signage was also added.

Wyndhams Theatre signage has also shown up.

Work continued on Leicester Square today.
Overlooking the entire Diagon Alley area from the San Francisco.

A look at the rear of Grimauld Place from the Fear Factor Live arena.

Another view from Fear Factor Live arena.

Back on ground level near Fear Factor.

Looking thru the peek holes nearest Grimmauld Place.

Another peek into the Diagon Alley facade construction.

Wyndhams Theatre as of 2/2/14

Wyndhams Theatre at Universal Studios Florida.

Wyndhams Theatre signage

Looking thru the peek hole into Diagon Alley.

More peek hole viewing into the Diagon Alley facades

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  1. Thank you very much! seems that the works are going slowly.
    I'm eager to see new photos and watch the progress!!