Thursday, February 27, 2014

Observations from Universal Studios Florida & Islands of Adventure 2/26/14

Universal Studios Florida overview from Men In Black area.

Taking a look at Diagon Alley from Men In Black

One more look at what Diagon Alley looks like from Men In Black

Diagon Alley near Gringotts show building. Works has progressed here at a rapid pace over the past few weeks.

Looking into the back of Grimmauld Place

Peeking thru after we seen Fear Factor. Gringotts show building would be to the right, and Grimmauld Place to the left.

Obligatory peek hole photo of Diagon Alley. It's a bit blurry since it was raining most of the afternoon.

Wyndhams Theater looking very good. Lots of detail work since we last checked it out.
Close-up view of the Wyndhams Theater details.

The opposite side of Wyndhams Theater.

The R in Cross has been removed during this construction phase.

Peeking thru the other peek hole window.

The wait time on Disaster! shows the next show time. I like this, and I think it's new, since it usually gave minutes to wait on this sign.

Looking at Diagon Alley from in from of Disaster!

Once more look at the way Diagon Alley blends in so well

Bruce The Shark wants to take a bite out of Kings Cross...he wants his attraction back.

Once rain subsides,the parks are great for touring. Light crowds as many take off.

Here's Revenge of the Mummy with a 10 minute wait.

The French Quarter Courtyard sits empty most days. It's only used on Mardi Gras nights.

Really like the decor, with these jester hats on the light poles. Similar to the Santa hats they put during the holiday season.

Rip Ride Rockit was down due to the rain, but since it was testing, a long queue of people started out in front of it. It opened a few minutes later.

Despicable Me with a 25 minute wait. Only time you will see shorter is during Halloween Horror Nights.

Walking over to Islands of Adventure, you see a huge line of guests waiting for an Austin Mahone concert at Hard Rock Live.

One more look at the long line for the Austin Mahone concert.
Islands of Adventure also looks to be very quiet after the rain.

Walking thru the Port of Entry, I seen a team member playing with a remote controlled minion. They sell them at both parks.

Spider-Man had a 5 minute wait. I walked right thru, with no wait at all. Still can not get over how great the screens look on this attraction.

Walking thru Toon Lagoon, you can see the new Cabana Bay resort in the background.

As we enter Jurassic Park, you notice that walls are up for a JP River Adventure refurbishment.

Here are more walls around the attraction entrance. It feels really empty back here when the ride is closed.

All the newer midway games here in Jurassic Park were also closed.

The walkway to Wizarding World of Harry Potter was blocked off. A nearby team member told me that there was drainage issues with a sewer on the bridge.

With that bridge closed, we were re-routed to the overflow bridge that leads to the Lost Continent.

On the over-flow bridge, you get a nice overview of the park.

Heading into Wizarding World is not pretty now, but once Hogsmeade Train Station opens in, it will be!

It was getting dark, so I was not able to snap many pictures of Hogsmeade train station construction.

It's always nice to check out Wizarding World with light crowds.

Zonko's is still around for now.

It will not look like this in the next few weeks, when Spring Break starts.

Lastly, you can see two team members on the bridge where water was pooling heavily.

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