Monday, March 3, 2014

Photo Report from Walt Disney World Polynesian Resort DVC Construction (3/2/14)

The popular Polynesian resort in Walt Disney World is currently undergoing some major changes.

Here's an overview of where the new DVC is being built at the Polynesian.

Unfortunately, if you are staying there in the foreseeable future, you will be dealing with construction.

This looks to be the foundation for the building of the DVC.

Fences are up to block the construction from guests.

The fences extend all the way on the beach front area of the Polynesian.

Bungalow at Polynesian progress

Overview of the construction of the Polynesian, on a beautiful Sunday in Lake Buena Vista.

There are signs directing guests where to go, since some of the walkways that are normally used are blocked due to the construction.

Here is one of the walk-ways completely blocked off.

Lastly, just because there is construction going on, doesn't mean it's not still beautiful here.

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