Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Update from Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom (4/29/14)

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train entrance sign, prior to opening.

Overview of the complete entrance area of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster.

The sign at the Mine Train Coaster was recently removed from behind construction walls.

The height requirement will be 38" for the Mine Train Coaster.

Stand-by to the right, Fast Pass + entrance to the left.

Here's a shot of a lift hill for the Mine Train Coaster.

This bend comes out of a tunnel and then into the lift hill pictured above.

Even with CM's stationed all around, many decided to hang out to see if a "soft open" would happen.

While the whole area is really beautiful, we can't help but notice that this stroller parking area leaves a little to be desired. Luckily it is put where there's no coaster track, so there will still be nice views in other spots.

There were many people stopping to ask the CMs stationed about the ride, when it will open, what it was, etc..

It is very hard to see thru the trees and fences, but the Seven Dwarfs cottage is back there, and it looks very true to the classic movie.

There are many fans in place in the Mine Train queue, since there is alot of queue out in the blazing sun.

Another shot, where you can almost make out the cottage in the back.

Stroller parking here was full on a not so busy day, with the Mine Train not even open yet.

Last look out from said stroller parking area.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Anna & Elsa from Frozen Meet & Greet Debuts with Fast Pass + at Magic Kingdom (4/20/14)

We have not met with the Frozen sisters since they first hit Epcot, since the queue has always been extremely long.

Upon hearing of their arrival to the Magic Kingdom, and the implementation of Fast Pass +, we made reservations and were able to only have to wait 5 minutes or less on their debut day. Anna was stunned to see us.

Anna & Elsa from Frozen at their new home, Princess Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Walt Disney World Pin Trading Night at ESPN Wide World of Sports Pin & Vinylmation Previews (4/22/14)

At last night's Pin Trading Night, WDW previewed the upcoming releases which we will highlight here. Here you can see the July SpectroMagic Little Mermaid, July Eau De Magique featuring Rapunzel and Keyhole Characters Jiminy Crickett.

Some June releases, include The Lion King Character Connection Puzzle.

In July, there will be a Little Mermaid Character Connection.

Adventure Is Out There Mystery Box set, with Dopey, Simba, Rapunzel and more.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Professor Parker Woodson & Val the Velociraptor debut test at Disney's Animal Kingdom 4/18/14

Val the velociraptor debuted at Animal Kingdom. This walking dino roams around Dinoland USA.

Professor Woodson talks about Val and they roam all around. It's being tested until May 3, 2014 currently.

While roaming around, they make a few short stops on the journey, like here in front of the Dinosaur attraction.

The velociraptor's mouth opens and the heads moves around. Please see our YouTube video below for reference.

The one drawback to this interesting character, is the actor can be seen very easily, especially from head on.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster Construction Update at Magic Kingdom (4/18/14)

More walls were removed today, nearest Storybook Circus.

Tunnel for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster

Nice view of Cinderella Castle from over behind the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Track of the Seven Dwarfs (you can see walls up in the background)

There are lots of trees, which surprisingly look very good. Seeing this being built, we were skeptical, but it really did come together well.

Work being done on the track today.

While this should be a quick ride, it does look fun.

The signage for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train also appeared on the cottage.

This section of walls is up from around the entrance to just past Mad Tea Party.

Another look at the entrance of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Universal Studios Florida Diagon Alley Construction Update 4/18/14

With an expected opening in summer 2014, construction on Diagon Alley just keeps chugging along.

Looking at the Diagon Alley facades from the Simpsons ride exit.

Walls are up around the facades, while work continues.

Last week we checked out the arrival of the Knight Bus.

New this week is the signage here, Screed & Sons

2 Workers high on lifts doing detail work.

The London Underground Sign was covered to protect it from painting going on around it.

Here in this overview, you can see a second Cabmens Shelter was added in front of Leicester Square

Lots of work going on behind Kings Cross, to blend the Hogwarts Track in the background.

Signage on the Knight Bus.

Wyndham's Theatre has the most detail, and is extremely impressive to look at.

Chandeliers inside Wyndhams Theatre

This bird already made himself at home on top of Wyndhams.

This large berm is being built to hide the show building and backs of Diagon Alley buildings.

Pillar work along the waterfront has been done recently.