Friday, April 18, 2014

Universal Studios Florida Diagon Alley Construction Update 4/18/14

With an expected opening in summer 2014, construction on Diagon Alley just keeps chugging along.

Looking at the Diagon Alley facades from the Simpsons ride exit.

Walls are up around the facades, while work continues.

Last week we checked out the arrival of the Knight Bus.

New this week is the signage here, Screed & Sons

2 Workers high on lifts doing detail work.

The London Underground Sign was covered to protect it from painting going on around it.

Here in this overview, you can see a second Cabmens Shelter was added in front of Leicester Square

Lots of work going on behind Kings Cross, to blend the Hogwarts Track in the background.

Signage on the Knight Bus.

Wyndham's Theatre has the most detail, and is extremely impressive to look at.

Chandeliers inside Wyndhams Theatre

This bird already made himself at home on top of Wyndhams.

This large berm is being built to hide the show building and backs of Diagon Alley buildings.

Pillar work along the waterfront has been done recently.

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