Sunday, May 25, 2014

Photo Gallery: Rock Your Disney Side 24 Hour Day at Magic Kingdom (May 23-24, 2014)

Rock Your Disney Side Banner welcomes you to the Magic Kingdom

Beast, Gaston, Price Eric and Ursula on the banner for Rock Your Disney Side.
 Side Banners decorate the Magic Kingdom Train Station near the park entrance.
Hades, Hercules, Scar and Simba on the right side banner.
 We were able to catch the pre-parade of Villains "It's Good To Be Bad" prior to the Main Street Electrical Parade. It was a quick, taking less than two minutes to pass.
Big Bad Wolf, Frollo, Anastasia, Drizzela and Lady Tremaine in It's Good To Be Bad parade

Megara & Hades in the It's Good To Be Bad parade.

Pain & Panic in the It's Good To Be Bad Parade.

Oogie Boogie made a surprise appearance prancing down Main Street USA

Jafar was in the other float for this special pre-parade.

Captain Hook, It's Good To Be Bad.

Evil Queen in It's Good To Be Bad
 Instead of having rare characters out all day, they brought out the characters from around 1AM-5AM. This caused huge queues, some as long as 4 hours (Megara & Hades), where people starting lining up 3 hours before they were due to come out.
We walked by Stromboli from Pinocchio as he came out. The line was quoted as 1 hour for this rare character.

Stromboli makes puppets out of two guests at the Magic Kingdom
We closed out our night around 3AM, after walking thru the Frontierland dance party, where Chip, Dale and Minnie danced in the middle of that huge crowd in pajamas.

Here are some sights and sounds from the day.
Complete "It's Good To Be Bad" parade.

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