Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Universal Studios Florida Diagon Alley Photo Update (May 19, 2014)

Made a quick stop over to Universal Studios to check out the progress on Diagon Alley. As you can see, all the lights were on and it really made the whole new Harry Potter Diagon Alley section come to life. 
Diagon Alley facades at dusk with lights on.
Once the sun set, the lights of Diagon Alley really showed off just how beautiful the new area will be.
The detail in the facades is amazing.

Here you can see the finished archways at Diagon Alley.

The waterfront area, with new lion head sculptures protruding from the walls under the lamps

The walls were recently pushed backed to open the walkway up a little more.

Here is a lions head that was recently painted.

Overview of the Diagon Alley area at dusk

The sun is just setting here behind Diagon Alley and the lights just came on.

The clock on Kings Cross station was completed since our last visit.

Props have started to show up in the windows. Kreacher was also spotted by Amusement Buzz in a window on Grimmauld Place.

Some work near the old Amity area restrooms.

Lastly, here's a shot to show how well the Diagon Alley facades blend into the rest of the area.

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