Sunday, June 8, 2014

Star Wars Weekends 2014 - A Conversation with Mark Hamill (June 6, 2014)

As part of Star Wars Weekends 2014 at Disney's Hollywood Studios, for the first time ever, Mark Hamill, who portrayed Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy, made a special appearance. Mark was in the "Legends of the Force" motorcade as well as a special one on one interview called "A Conversation with Mark Hamill". We were able to secure FastPass+ for the interview, and enjoyed the conversation.
A sign near the entrance let guests know where Mark Hamill could be found this weekend.

The stage was set for "A Conversation with Mark Hamill"

James Arnold Taylor, the host of Star Wars Weekends 2014, was the host for this special appearance

Mark Hamil (Luke Skywalker) emerges on stage, to the delight of the cheering crowd.

Mark Hamill and James Arnold Taylor during A Conversation with Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill, Star Wars Weekends 2014

Mark Hamill with a Yoda puppet, Star Wars Weekends 2014

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