Monday, September 1, 2014

The American Idol Experience Final Day at Disney's Hollywood Studios 8/30/14

 While never an extremely popular attraction with guests, The American Idol Experience was an attraction that we would check out every few trips over to the park. There were many reasons we enjoyed the attraction. The hosts were quick and funny, most from other attractions and shows across property, including Adventurers Club. The singers, while not always good, were different, so you weren't always seeing the same show over and over. Lastly, the seats were comfy and the air conditioning was welcome on hot, humid Florida days. Needless to say, we attended the final two shows ever on August 30, 2014. Onto the pictures....
American Idol Experience desk sits empty after the final show.
The warm up host for the 2nd to last show at American Idol Experience
Last look at the stage for the American Idol Experience
Judges for the American Idol Experience, for the penultimate show.

 Greg Hutson hosted the final two American Idol Experience shows

 During the Finale, confetti ran for longer than normal
 Sentiment for some in attendance. We were surprised by how many fans showed up.
 Warm Up Host Mark Daniels after the finale.
 Confetti on the stage after the final finale show.
 Decided to walk around the building and capture some images before signage was ripped down.
 American Idol Experience song list posted

 Queue for the attraction

 Signage before entering the building

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