Sunday, August 30, 2015

Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue To Close Permanently at Universal Studios

Universal Orlando announced on Tuesday that Diaster! and Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue will be closed down permanently to make way for a new attraction based on Fast & The Furious.  Typically we would be excited for new attractions, but losing two long standing attractions has left many questioning Universal on this one. Universal has not made too many mis-steps recently, adding Potter, Simpsons, Transformers, and more in recent years. In order to get new, you have to close old beloved attractions like Back To The Future and Jaws. While we miss the old ones, the new lands or attractions are bigger and better, usually. 

We here at All Around Orlando were pretty big fans of Bettlejuice's Graveyard Revue. When we tour Universal, we almost always have our 5 year old with us. When you have little ones, you tend to tour the parks a little different. Most say there isn't much for little ones to do at Universal, but we have always felt differently, and more often than not, have a great time there. We typically have to skip the attractions that she is not big enough for, and stick to play areas, shows, and the rides that she is big enough for. While sticking to this touring plan, nearly each visit to Universal brought us to the Graveyard. She fell in love with the monsters and the singing and dancing. She would get up and dance with the ghosts when they came in the crowd. She would high five Wolfman and Beetlejuice. She loved when Dracula whipped up his cape and closed her inside. Losing this show is pretty devastating for our little one. Obviously, others feel the same way, as witnessed by this website,  
Attractions come and go, but this is one that we hope ends up getting relocated somewhere in the park.

Universal Studios Florida Trip Report 8/29/15

Always a good sign when the parking lot rotunda bag check is light. We arrived around 3PM
Just prior to our arrival, a pretty standard thunderstorm had hit
Do you use the BillaBong store as a cross thru when going to Universal Studios?
NBC Sports Grill & Brew coming along
Nascar Cafe is just a distant memory at this point
While still cloudy, we were hoping for a few hours of playtime at Universal 
Universal Studios entry gate
Still some puddles left. Note how light the crowds are.
Scaffolding up near Louies Pizza 
First stop was the midday Beetlejuice. 
We stopped and checked out some new props in the area for Halloween Horror Nights 25
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Finnegan's has some skeletons hanging around....
More skeletons hanging around Finnegan's
More HHN25 props, a large Italian Flagged truck
Halloween Horror Nights 25 Truck
Next we decided to hit up Twister
After the show, we asked about the control room tour. The TM contacted her lead, and a few minutes later we were lead backstage to see the control room and see how the run the attraction.
More props spread around Universal for HHN25
We stopped to say hi to Patrick Star
We had not seen Animal Actors in quite some time, and it was starting in a soon, so we hit it up.
For the first time, our daughter got called on to volunteer on stage
After Animal Actors the rains started again. Also note in this picture how the large stage set up across from Mel's blocks a pretty large portion of the walkway here.
Getting worse as we head to City Walk for dinner.
Passing thru City Walk, the rain got much worse so we ducked under the small awning at the defunct NBA City
We finally got to Antojitos, but as soon as we were done, the rains came once again.
It was a fun, but wet evening at Universal 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Disney Springs Finds from 8/18/15

While roaming around Disney Springs the other night, here was some interesting merchandise we spotted.
Marvel coffee mugs with Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man....
We also stopped at Wonderland Gallery and spotted these cool prints. 
Jungle Cruise
Space Mountain
Haunted Mansion
Small World

Lastly at World of Disney, we seen these cool womens tees. Dragons 59
Star Wars Rebels 77 tee
Queens since 1951

That's it from Disney Springs for now....

8/19/2015 Quick Trip to Epcot

So it's been quite too long since our last update. We basically let real life get in the way (school, work, moving) and put posting on the back burner. Hopefully we can continue to bring to quality trip reports from Disney & Universal in a timely fashion plus other small updates from time to time.

Here goes today's quick trip report. 
We got up Epcot for the first time since the 4th of July. It was your typical hot & steamy August day. 

For some reason the whole Seas with Nemo pavilion was closing at 5:30 today.
Since we had the little one with us, the Seas is a must do. I'm not one to complain as the air conditioning is definitely welcome on days like today. 

Typical of central Florida in August, the 3PM showers came and went while we were inside the Seas. 

Next up was Living with the Land. Since we usually do spur of the moment trips, we didn't have any Fast Pass booked. Soarin had a 180 minute wait, while Test Track held at 110 minutes most of the day. As frequent visitors to the parks, we typically will avoid long queues. 

After Living with the Land, we headed over to Journey Into Imagination with Figment. 
Lots of Figment merchandise in the exit shop. 

While we didn't see it today, we were glad to see Captain EO is back. 
Preparations for Food & Wine 2015 have started. 

The shortcut to World Showcase is completely blocked off here as they are getting it ready for F&W 2015.
World Showcase was not too crowded while we strolled around near 6PM
Some buildings are starting to peek out over the construction walls for the new Frozen attraction in Norway.
The weather was still iffy at this point. While we walked around all World Showcase, it sprinkled on and off. 
In Germany, we noticed that the miniature train setup was behind shrubs, most likely for a refurbishment.

That's all for today. Thanks for coming along with us.