Sunday, August 30, 2015

Universal Studios Florida Trip Report 8/29/15

Always a good sign when the parking lot rotunda bag check is light. We arrived around 3PM
Just prior to our arrival, a pretty standard thunderstorm had hit
Do you use the BillaBong store as a cross thru when going to Universal Studios?
NBC Sports Grill & Brew coming along
Nascar Cafe is just a distant memory at this point
While still cloudy, we were hoping for a few hours of playtime at Universal 
Universal Studios entry gate
Still some puddles left. Note how light the crowds are.
Scaffolding up near Louies Pizza 
First stop was the midday Beetlejuice. 
We stopped and checked out some new props in the area for Halloween Horror Nights 25
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Finnegan's has some skeletons hanging around....
More skeletons hanging around Finnegan's
More HHN25 props, a large Italian Flagged truck
Halloween Horror Nights 25 Truck
Next we decided to hit up Twister
After the show, we asked about the control room tour. The TM contacted her lead, and a few minutes later we were lead backstage to see the control room and see how the run the attraction.
More props spread around Universal for HHN25
We stopped to say hi to Patrick Star
We had not seen Animal Actors in quite some time, and it was starting in a soon, so we hit it up.
For the first time, our daughter got called on to volunteer on stage
After Animal Actors the rains started again. Also note in this picture how the large stage set up across from Mel's blocks a pretty large portion of the walkway here.
Getting worse as we head to City Walk for dinner.
Passing thru City Walk, the rain got much worse so we ducked under the small awning at the defunct NBA City
We finally got to Antojitos, but as soon as we were done, the rains came once again.
It was a fun, but wet evening at Universal 

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