Friday, September 4, 2015

Photo Trip Report Disney Springs 8/30/15

New Disney Springs signage have popped up around Downtown Disney
World of Disney has gotten a new darker color scheme

You can still see some of the old orange color down the right side here, as they had not finished yet
Halloween 2015 merchandise is out across property
2015 Halloween Pins for Disney Parks
2015 Lanyard and Star Wars Halloween Pins
New Vampire Plush Mickey
2015 Halloween Pajama Pants, Sweatshirt and boxers
2015 Minnie as a witch tee
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Dated 2015 Halloween Tee
Minnie as a Witch antenna topper
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Spotted this Alice In Wonderland flower pot, thought the design was cute
More Alice In Wonderland merchandise
Some Tower of Terror art in Co-Op
Mr. Toad sign in Co-Op
Mickey & Minnie Wedding Plush
This large room at Once Upon a Toy has been changed completely to Star Wars
Chewbacca Racers
Racer of The Inquisitor from Rebels
Adult Chewbacca Tee
Adult Chewbacca Hoodie
Chewbacca mugs
Near the middle of Once Upon a Toy, they moved out the plush for Marvel
The plush was moved over to Fun Finds, which no longer carriers marked down merchandise.
It's just all Marvel here in Once Upon a Toy
That's it for today's photo update....

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